You have a lot of questions. Whether you’re a long-time artificial limb recipient looking for a better prosthetic solution or a new amputee exploring prosthetic options for the first time, we want to be your best source of information. Below is some guidance and resources to help . . .

Insurance Options and Cost of Prosthetics

Whether you have questions about estimating prosthetic leg cost or insurance eligibility for covering prosthetic hand cost, you should never feel helpless in these matters. Let us guide you through the payment process, working closely with you and the many insurance providers that we work with in the region. We’re always available to discuss payment options at 859-491-0257.

A Lifetime of Prosthetic Support

Your body will change over the years, leading to changes in your prosthetic solution along the way. We are always happy to assist with replacement parts, fitting adjustments, or routine maintenance―no matter how much time has passed since your last visit to a prosthetist .

As technology improves, new prosthetic options can emerge to enhance your way of life. We are always learning and advancing our skills to help hour clients gain mobility and greater comfort. Please contact SPS if you would like to discuss potential improvements to your current prosthetic solution.

Schedule a time to tell us your story.

We’re great listeners, and we’re confident in our ability to find solutions that match individual needs. While you are here, we want to know what your goals are, so that we can all celebrate when you reach them.