Lower Limb Prosthesis

Because your lower limbs bear the entire weight of your body, it is vital that your prosthetist be experienced in biomechanics and truly understands ground reaction forces that are unique to lower limb amputees. Artificial legs can return huge amounts of freedom and confidence to amputees’ lives, but they also require maintenance and careful attention to detail during the fitting stage to remain comfortable as the body changes. At Superior Prosthetic Solutions, we work diligently to provide, long-term prosthetic solutions, which all start with a personal relationship with our clients.



As your needs and body change, so should your prosthesis. Below are several key elements to consider about prosthetic legs and their design that will greatly affect optimal outcomes:

  • Personalized fit. The socket, or interface, of any prosthesis requires a comfortable fit, but this is an absolute must for lower limb amputees. We are proud to offer outside of the box options for hard to fit residual limbs like in-house custom made silicone liners and the High Fidelity Imager TM. We greet each fitting challenge with an open mind. That’s how great prosthetic outcomes are born!
  • Alignment. Ensuring that the prosthesis is aligned with your residual limb is crucial and our custom alignment process limits the chance of complications developing down the road.
  • Suspension. This is the element of prosthetic design that secures the prosthesis to your residual limb. With so many options available like a total suction socket, the Limb Logics System, Seal-In liner, and Kiss system etc., this subject should be thoroughly discussed between you and your prosthetist to insure optimal outcomes and expectations are met.
  • K Levels. Working closely with your physician, we can document your functional potential through accurate pre-fitting evaluations like our BTS G Walk gait analysis system and the Amputee Mobility Predictor to help decide which prosthetic components will function best with your lower limb needs.

Our extensive history working with lower limb prosthesis has allowed us to develop unique skills that will ensure the best fit for you. Take a look at our client success stories to see how SPS has provided life-changing help for our clients.

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