About Us

Seeing clients is the best part of our day. We’re people people.

This prosthetic team is so much more than artificial limb manufacturers.  Lucky for you, we’re skilled, honest, creative, and we shower regularly. We start off as strangers, but quickly become friends.

Rob Pinkston, CPO/L

SPS Owner, Relentless Problem-Solver, Genuine Caregiver – Greater Cincinnati Prosthetist who is there when you need him.


In 1991 Rob Pinkston was sitting in a Sports Medicine class at BGSU when he caught a glimpse of a below-the-knee amputee. Intrigued, Rob approached his professor after class with a head full of questions. The educator didn’t have many answers, but she did offer a resource: on a green 3×5 note card, she wrote the name and number of a prosthetist in Findlay, Ohio. Over the next few days Rob wrote down many questions, and finally dialed the number on the card. On the other end of the phone, a kind and gregarious man took time to carefully answer Rob’s inquiries. To this day, the warmth that Rob received on that call sets the precedent of care at Superior Prosthetic Solutions.

To Rob, being a certified prosthetist isn’t just a job–it is his calling. Seeing the mixture of science, medicine, and art come together to overcome personal loss, gives him all the fuel he needs to face the next prosthetic challenge. His gratification comes from witnessing “ah-ha” moments. Every patient’s moment is different: it could be the moment they realize that wearing a prosthesis doesn’t have to hurt, or the moment they start to feel themselves engaging in life again. No matter the moment, Rob is grateful to apply his knowledge and aptitude to design a one of a kind creation contributing to someone’s personal road to recovery; it’s a very humbling privilege.

Rob often tells clients, “you’ll give up trying before I will”–a statement that has been proven through his actions. Rob is willing to be very involved in a client’s path to from pre-surgery consultation, to standing in the surgery, to recovery, prosthetic design, fitting, and a lifetime of achieving goals together. He is passionate about the Ertl Procedure and the hope that it brings for a balanced, pain-free life. His relentless pursuit of prosthetic perfection drives him, while he encourages clients to never settle for mediocrity.

Rob is a husband, father, and friend in addition to his many roles at SPS. Gratefully, it is the grace of his family to let him bring work home (mostly by thinking about solutions for clients long after he walks in the door) that has allowed Rob to continue going above and beyond for clients.

Patty Biltz

PCC, Patient Care Coordinator, Welcome Committee, Fun Producer


Walk into our door, and you’ll meet Patty Biltz. There is no one better suited to make you feel at ease, and inspire confidence that your specific needs will be met. Her bright smile combines with a tenacious ability to deal with insurance companies in perfect harmony. For Patty, every day presents a new element of discovery whether it be in the individual challenges patients encounter, personalizing the components of a prosthesis, developing new methods for fabrication, or simply deciphering the differences in insurance coverage–it all keeps Patty on her toes.

As an integral part of the SPS team for 6 years, Patty has witnessed countless firsts: the first time a patient wore a socket that did not cause pain, the first time a patient stood after initial amputation and the first time a patient walked after sitting in a chair for years. It’s the firsts that make working at SPS a joy for Patty.

Schedule your appointment on a Friday, and you’ll see the relaxed, fun atmosphere at SPS at a whole new level. For years, we’ve referred to our final day in the office as “Anything Goes Fridays.” The rest of the week an overload of silliness can be met with good-spirited reminder from Patty that “it’s not Friday yet!”

Patty cares about our patients like her own family and friends. For her, that means she often shares the struggles and joys of life (that have nothing to do with prosthetics) during the course of caring for a patient. While every patient is different, Patty welcomes the challenge of meeting unique needs. In fact, she finds that getting every detail just right is incredibly rewarding.

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We’re great listeners, and we’re confident in our ability to find solutions that match individual needs. While you are here, we want to know what your goals are, so that we can all celebrate when you reach them.